about us

Founder Of Live Aspects

Hi, my name is Ben.
I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm the founder of Live Aspects.
I'm a DJ and producer with a bachelor's degree in Audio Production.
I've spent the last eleven or so years addicted to learning music production and discovering the extraordinary ways producers around the world create their music. My goal is to provide eager producers with the tools and information they need to make amazing music and experience the thrill of music production.

#1 ARIA Chart Hits

With multiple hits landing top spots on the ARIA Charts, our production tips and tutorials have helped artists achieve astonishing musical success.

10+ Years Of Ableton Experience

With over a decade of experience with Ableton Live and other DAWs, Live Aspects has the knowledge to help producers of all skill levels build careers in music and master the art of music production.

+1,500,000 Streams

Our Live Aspects artists have accumulated more than 1.5 million streams across platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube with support from some of the biggest electronic artists around the world.


Want to learn more about Live Aspects? Have any questions about music production? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.