Professional-level sample packs for the price of a cup of coffee.

50 Bass One-Shots


Looking for inspiration for your next project? One-Shots are the best way to quickly create amazing basslines. Perfect for House and Tech-House genres, this sample pack contains 50 of the best sounding bass one-shots available. Whether you’re looking for deep and groovy or hard-hitting and energetic bass sounds, our expertly crafted bass one-shots are specifically designed to provide that extra touch of excellence to your tracks.

50 EDM Top Loops


Looking to add some serious groove to your tracks? Featuring a handpicked selection of 50 expertly-crafted top loops in high-quality .wav format, this sample pack is the ultimate secret weapon for all electronic music producers. From House to Tech-House and beyond, these top loops are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite kick drum samples.

50 EDM Drum Loops


Get ready to take your music production to the next level with our brand new sample pack featuring 50 top-notch EDM drum loops in .wav format. Whether you’re into House, Tech-House, Future House, or any other genre that requires killer beats, this pack has got you covered. From punchy kicks to snappy snares, from tight hats to groovy percussion, these loops are perfect for adding that extra edge to your tracks.


A sample pack is a collection of pre-recorded audio samples used by music producers and DJs to create tracks and remixes. They contain a variety of sounds, such as drum beats, basslines, and melodies. Producers can save time and effort by using sample packs, which offer high-quality sounds in a single package.

They may include presets, MIDI files, and other tools to get started with music production. Sample packs can also provide inspiration and allow for experimentation with different sounds and genres. Incorporating sample packs into a production workflow can streamline the creative process and result in better-sounding music.